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Pain Relief Palace

Reflexology Conductive Shoes- One Size Fits All

$24.99 $39.99

These Reflexology slippers conduct a smooth warm sensation to the bottom of your feet (giving the sensation of a massage) This works by having conductors built into the shoe which match up with your Acupressure points on the bottom of your feet.


  •  Increase Blood Flow Circulation
  • Reduce Pain and Stress
  • Regain feeling to your feet 


These Reflexology Slippers are made to be worn by clients with these following Symptoms

  • Neuropathy
  • Diabetes
  • Planters Faciatis 
  • Gout 

Reflexology Shoes are  compatible with these following devices:

  • Pain Relief Palace
  • Health-mate Forever
  • Hi-Dow
  • Pinook 
  • IQ Technology 

How to use the Reflexology Slippers:

First you will need to make sure you take off both your socks and shoes as you will need full skin contact from the foot to the shoes.

You will take a Pair of Leads that have the snap feature and place them on the male of the slipper make sure the leads snap all the way on the shoe then plug to the device:

Then turn your device on make sure both feet are covering the conductors (making contact) pick a Mode and turn the intensity up by hitting the plus button you should then feel massage like feeling in your feet. 




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