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Pain Relief Palace


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The PRP PRO-8 TENS/EMS is a 8 mode dual port unit. 

  • You can place 4 pads on your body at once.

This Tens Unit Device helps with Neck Pain, Back Pain,Arthritis Carpal Tunnel, Bulging Disc,Herniated Disc. Fibromyalgia,  Sciatic nerve problems and much more.

The Neat thing about this device is it will not feel as if you are getting shocked, the electrical pulse is there but it comes to the end user as a massage type feeling that way you will want to use this device for years to come. This device has 8 functions.

1.Pushing (Kneading)

  • Stimulates the thumbs, fingers and palms of a regular massage therapist. 
  • Gives a rolling sensation
  • Releases Hypertension and Stress
  • Best for your upper shoulders and lower back
  • use for herniated disc bulging disc, tendinitis, fibromyalgia 

2. Acupressure

  • Concentrated pulse that feels very rapid
  • best for releasing the natural muscle contraction around a lactic acid pocket (knot)
  • Relieves Satellite pain that may be migratory.
  • Good for Headaches and migraines /Carpal Tunnel 


3.Tapping (Chopping)

  • Simulates a Classic Karate chop massage
  • use to increase circulation 
  • Best for joints tendons legs and feet
  • Good mode for Sciatic Nerve Problems

4.Scraping (Hot Rock)

  • Increases the circulation and flushing of the toxins in the body
  • helps relieve swelling
  • use after other modes to flush out toxins
  • Good for Herniated & Bulging Disc and for Women who have experienced pain from a epidermal 

5.Cupping (Pulling)

  • Lengthen and broadens muscle tissue
  • Relieves fatigue, relaxes muscle adhesion's, and helps to relax the muscles 
  • use on lower back,cramps and sciatic nerve problems
  • Best for injured muscles i.e surgery, Whiplash etc.

6. Weight-loss

  • Burns Body Fat 
  • Use for Pre-and Post Work Out 


  • Tightens and Tones:

8. Combination 

  • This is a random feature that goes over 1-7 in 15 second intervals 

This device is safe to use and FDA approved. Please do not use if you :

  • Have a Defibrillator 
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnant
  • 1 FDA cleared Class II OTC electroTherapy device (combined TENS unit and Muscle Stimulator)
  • 4 piece self-adhesive conductive reusable gel pads
  • 2 sets of electrode wires
  • 1 USB Charger/Wall Unit
  • 1 pads holder
  • Operating Manual
  • Acupuncture placement point chart
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Card
  • BONUS: Free Educational Reference Booklet
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free Shipping (USA,UK,AU)
  • Please allow 4-5 business Days
  • Ships From Wichita Kansas 67207

Product Comes with The Following

Pain Relief Palace pad placements

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